HCT gives back to Puerto Rico

Published: 14-Nov-2017

Weeks after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico; the island continues to struggle. With almost half of the residents still without power and the amount of damage reaching an unimaginable number, help coming in from fellow Americans remains urgent. Among those helping is HCT Group, whom felt moved to hold a week-long bake sale in their Santa Monica office to raise money for the hurricane victims.

“When we were deciding what to do for a fundraiser and who to help, the people of Puerto Rico were at the top of our hearts and minds,” said Sr. Director, Christina Blanchard.

The efforts surpassed expectancy, with about 25 employees bringing in some amazingly delicious treats and everyone else willingly buying up every last bite. “I’m so grateful to have participated in sharing joy around the office with baked goodness while providing relief to those in need,” said Kaylee Shaffer, HCT Graphic Designer.

Technical Manager in Product Development Susan Sakamoto mirrored Shaffer’s sentiments. “Coming together as a company to support the relief efforts has been a great feeling; knowing that we did it as a team and hit a goal beyond expectation.”

By the end of the week the Santa Monica office had raised a whopping $1300 to be donated to the relief efforts. “Helping the people of Puerto Rico reminds each of us to keep perspective on what’s really important and it was inspiring to see so many in the office really getting in the spirit of giving back,” said Blanchard.

HCT Group continues to focus on their 25th anniversary philanthropic commitment to their community and beyond.

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