HiMirror prepares to launch new interactive mirrors with AI for retailers

By Becky Bargh | Published: 16-Oct-2018

The new HiMirror Enterprise Lite and Pro will provide personalised skin care recommendations for beauty counters, salons and spas

HiMirror Enterprise Lite

HiMirror Enterprise Lite

Beauty tech company HiMirror has announced the release of a new selection of interactive beauty mirrors that integrate AI technology for the retail space.

Set to launch in January 2019, the of Enterprise Lite and Enterprise Pro use artificial intelligence to assess consumer’s skin care needs, which are designed to help beauty experts determine customers skin care needs.

It also measures wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, dark spots, roughness and pores.

Commenting on the new release, HiMirror’s Marketing Manager for Europe, Cin-Yee Ho said: “Customer expectations of the shopping experience are changing, with so much retail moving online, we are providing cutting-edge technologies to bring high-end, innovative experiences back in store.

“The future of beauty is personalisation and our HiMirror Enterprise models are helping beauty salons and shops to tailor each customer’s experience.”

HiMirror Enterprise Pro

HiMirror Enterprise Pro

Speaking to Cosmetics Business she added: “Those mirrors actually have a bigger memory on the cloud so you [customers] can have your own profile.

“If you come back as a loyal customer you may want to check how your skin condition is after using that product before you make a choice of which new creams you’re going to try out.”

The system is customisable for different product ranges, which enables stores to input their own details about the products stocked.

According to the brand, retailers and salons can use the products as a marketing tool to a measure customer’s behaviour and preferences.

The Lite model is controlled by a mouse and keyboard, measuring 17 inches with a 14 inch HD TFT LCD display panel.

Meanwhile, the pro version features touch screen technology with a 17.3 inch mirror and 15.6 inch TFT LCD panel display.

Currently, the product is on a prototype trial at French retailer Marionnaud in France.

Earlier this year the brand launched a mini version of its Plus model, which is said to be more convenient for consumers and user-friendly.

HiMirror prepares to launch new interactive mirrors with AI for retailers

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