How can beauty retail up its game in 2022?

By Julia Wray 20-Oct-2021

With customers expecting instant gratification, Outform provides its tips to make the omni channel buying experience as seamless as possible

How can beauty retail up its game in 2022?

Simon Hathaway, MD EMEA at global agency Outform, says convenience remains central beauty shoppers’ needs and explores how to better use data to improve the buying experience both online and offline.

What are consumers now looking for from a shopping and purchase experience?

With global apps like TikTok ramping up social commerce capabilities to buy quickly and seamlessly, instant gratification is fast becoming a cornerstone of loyalty. Customers want shopping experiences that are accessible anywhere, whether it’s in-store or online.

But shoppers want to be remembered by their chosen brands and retailers when they jump to a new channel too. After all, they don’t consider online and offline to be separate, and neither should retailers. Shoppers want connectivity that allows them to browse on a high street, then checkout through their phones at a later time.


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