How private labels can attract more brands

Published: 19-Jan-2022

Here is a flexible packaging inventory strategy that keeps you competitive and solves customer problems before they even think to ask

The key for traders and manufacturers alike is to stay in their area of expertise and leverage a relationship with a specialist supplier of unique bottles and jars.

Let's briefly examine what a PET Heavy Wall material specialist can do for your customers. Particularly for the smaller brands who desperately need more options and greater flexibility in order to move forward.

The Ideal Glass Substitute (With No Compromise In Luxury)

Glass is certainly beautiful to touch, and it looks great on the shelf. Very high-end and classy.

But the smaller brands often worry about using glass. They usually cite two main issues:

  1. Minimum Order Quantity for glass can be too high for a boutique launch or start-up budget.
  2. Breakage adds to logistics and storage issues, and of course becomes another cost concern.

PET Heavy Wall Plastic, on the other hand, looks like glass. It has a sturdy, luxurious presentation both on the shelf and in your hand.

But it has a few distinct advantages as well:

  • lower MOQ than glass
  • lighter weight than glass, to save on shipping costs
  • shatterproof, to eliminate any issues that arise from glass breakage

When your customers want all the upsides of glass but none of the downsides, PET is a fantastic alternative to offer.

Now, there can be a stigma about plastic. Some of your customers may need reassurance that they can maintain a luxury appearance while still remaining eco-friendly.

The "Heavy Wall" Style That Stands Above All Other Plastics

When we say PET Heavy Wall, we aren't referring to the weight of the bottles or jars.

What we mean is that the material itself is extremely durable. It has the sturdy construction and feel of glass. It also has incredibly high clarity.

So rather than asking for a compromise on luxury, you can simply offer your customers an extremely attractive alternative.

By now most people understand that, when compared to other plastics, PET is a superior sustainable material. Our Heavy Wall style is the same. International recycle code #1. The most reusable, green solution out of all plastic containers.

You can offer the ideal combination of beauty and sustainability.

And, of course, we offer various options to suit the different customer demands.

For instance: Although virgin PET plastic is completely recyclable, some customers may not wish to add new material to the world. Especially when their brand promise is centered around eco-consciousness. In that case, we have a series of Post-Consumer Recycled bottles and jars.

The PCR PET option (still in the luxury Heavy Wall style) can be yet another tool in your inventory to attract new customers and offer exciting fresh options to existing ones.

Partner With A Taiwanese Specialist In PET Material For Consistent Service & Supply

EPOPACK is a 30+ year Taiwanese manufacturer exclusively focused on eco-friendly cosmetic packaging. A pioneer of the PET Heavy Wall and Post-Consumer Recycled bottles and jars, we offer OEMs/Traders incredible inventory flexibility and options to please a diverse array of customers.

Minimum order quantities are kept reasonable to accommodate smaller brands.

Most importantly, we have a track record of consistent customer service and uncompromising quality control in our supply.

Attract and maintain customers by adding PET Heavy Wall and 100% PCR packaging options to your offers.

Epopack has a complete series of samples so that you can test them for yourself. This includes a full line of cap and dispensing attachments as well.

Contact project manager Amy Pan now to discuss all the options for your customers, and to have samples sent to you:

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