How this company proved its pore refiner works

Published: 3-Jul-2023

CutiFine CLR addresses all factors that make pores more conspicuous. Harald van der Hoeven, CLR’s Head of Product Design and Development, explains how the company substantiated these claims

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Results from a recent large study by Revieve Oy (Augmenting the Beauty Consumer Journey in 2023) show that the number three skin concern for women is visibility of pores.

The cosmetics industry seems to have been unable to supply the consumer with products which are effective enough to tackle this concern.

Hence, there is a demand for active ingredients which can act at the core of those biological processes in the skin that lead to conspicuous pores.

There are two aspects to skin pores which determine their degree of conspicuousness and how much of a concern they become.

Large pores are more visible. The contrast between the colour of the pores and the surrounding skin is another important factor. Colour contrast related to pores can originate from different biological processes with different outcomes, but can all be of importance when providing an effective solution with a cosmetic active ingredient.

An intelligent, holistic but goal-oriented approach is called for. However, a thorough understanding of the cell biological processes which lead to conspicuous pores is a prerequisite.

People with oily skin are known to have pores which are more visible.

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