Ileos debuts novel sampling tool

Published: 19-Aug-2011

Aptar Beauty + Home and Bioplan sign partnership for manufacture and sale of Cosm’in

Ileos-owned companies Aptar Beauty + Home and Bioplan (formerly Socoplan) have signed a partnership agreement for the manufacture and sale of Cosm’in, a flat mini-product, which combines the easy applicability of a jar with the flexibility and communication surface of a sachet.

The re-closable, personalisable capsule is manufactured by Aptar’s Gift + Promotion department. The product is delivered to the centre of the capsule by applying pressure on the sachet and the base of the capsule is transparent, permitting the user to see the colour and quantity of the product.

The sachet can be enhanced with hélio printing in nine colours, embossing and matte/shiny effects.

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