Industrial digital decoration technology for better, faster, greener rigid packaging

Published: 12-Nov-2019

Velox introduces direct-to-shape digital decoration technology that is applicable for mass production, not just special editions

In a competitive cosmetics market, packaging manufacturers and brand owners alike are leveraging digital package printing to improve sales, better manage supply chains, and reduce costs.

And now, thanks to exciting new digital packaging innovation from Velox, stunning printing can be done direct-to-shape at a higher quality, in a faster, easier, and more eco-friendly process than ever before.

Coupled with mass production speed and an affordable cost per copy, this opens endless business opportunities to the beauty and personal care space and the rigid packaging industry as a whole.

Meeting packaging demands of the cosmetics industry, and beyond

With unique aesthetic and functional demands, packaging manufacturers and brand owners alike need a robust digital decorator that delivers:

  • Quantity independent economics. This means any quantity, from short runs to mass production volumes, can be printed at line speed, at an affordable price

  • High printing quality and capabilities. With Velox digital decoration, any design is possible, with unlimited colors, photorealistic print accuracy, and creative embellishments such as gloss and matt gradients or tactile embossing. Now with 360° printing, the entire decoration space of tubes can be used, including the cap

  • Production agility. Enabling a quick turnaround from order to delivery means there is no need to keep large quantities in stock. This makes it easy for brands to cost-effectively react to actual demand and market fluctuations – a big plus!

  • Improved environmental footprint. Velox reduces waste and increases sustainability throughout the production process. Eliminating substrate waste, lowering energy costs, decreasing the number of systems needed within the production line, reducing inventory, and simplifying the supply chain are just a few examples of the increased sustainability that Velox provides. In addition, when utilizing Velox decoration, sleeves and labels can be replaced with direct printing, delivering a much greener decoration solution.

Why brands are choosing Velox

The Velox IDS 250 digital decoration solution was designed to meet the levels of quality and flexibility converters need to satisfy their customers’ demands.

For brand owners, Velox direct-to-shape digital decoration is already proving a valuable tool for increasing brand visibility and opening opportunities for consumer engagement.

With digital package decoration, for example, brands can be more dynamic and innovative by changing product packaging frequently. This can be done for a specific campaign or for a holiday season.

Other creative directions brands can take include ultra-realistic images printed on the package and full container printing, utilizing truly endless design that goes all the way to include the cap.

Once the business benefits are understood, the flexibility that digital provides in mass production is endless. Today’s technology simply needs to be fully leveraged, to showcase the brand and engage consumers in this new and powerful way.

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