Inkredible: Putting the ‘green’ in sustainable inks

By Becky Bargh 29-Sep-2021

Beauty’s buzz for the latest in sustainable materials has sparked a frenzy of new trends and tricks – one of them being biodegradable or eco-friendly inks, but some are calling them ‘meaningless’ and another attempt to greenwash consumers. Here, Cosmetics Business finds out which is the weakest ink

Inkredible: Putting the ‘green’ in sustainable inks

Inks available to be used on-pack cover the full vivid colour spectrum. But there’s new pressure facing packaging and printing companies to ensure printing inks are going ‘green’.

Biodegradable, compostable and recyclable are just a handful of beauty’s buzzwords since the industry turned its attention to cleaning up its impact on the environment.

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Blenders, sponges, make-up wipes, skin care packs and hand wash refills can all be bought...

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