InnovaDerma moves production to the UK

Published: 24-Oct-2016

Company behind self-tan brand Skinny Tan has decided to transfer a "significant part" of its manufacturing from Australia

InnovaDerma, the company behind brands such as Skinny Tan, Leimo Instant Hair and Tripollar Pose, has partially moved its production to the UK.

The company previously manufactured its products in Australia but cited the success of its Skinny Tan product – distributed via high street retailer Superdrug – as a reason behind the manufacturing transfer, as well as the company’s expansion plans for the UK and Europe.

The company tasked with producing InnovaDerma’s product lines is Prestige Personal Care. In the short term, plans are in place to distribute to the UK, with the intention of expanding to other markets worldwide.

Prestige Personal Care will start manufacturing InnovaDerma’s products in December.

Haris Chaudhry, InnovaDerma’s Executive Chairman, said: “Our strategic decision to move part of our production to the UK was driven by two things: the importance InnovaDerma places on this market, and the savings to be found, principally in the areas of manufacturing and logistics.

“The subsequent depreciation in the pound sterling has made the UK an even more competitive place from which to do business, and more attractive to investors, which lends further weight to the board’s decision to grow both in this market and elsewhere in Europe.”

The cost benefits of moving production to the UK is expected to positively impact the company’s financial performance from the second half of the financial year 2017.

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