Innovation for portable liquid-based formulations offers unmatched opportunities for cosmetics brands


Porex’s Rusty Martin speaks at the CosmoTalks panel event

At this year’s Cosmoprof Bologna 2018, Porex Corporation (‘POREX’) offered a sneak peek of the POREX Fiber Cushion, a new cushion compact innovation for cosmetics brands.

The CosmoTalks panel discussion ‘Packaging & Innovations in 2025’ provided attendees with further insight on the innovation, which delivers consistent dosage and enhanced performance for liquid-based formulations packaged within portable makeup products.

The new patent-pending POREX Fiber Cushion is a gradient fibre reservoir that addresses product dosage challenges typically associated with standard foam cushions used in existing makeup products.

The technology deploys capillary action to pull liquid formulations like foundation or concealer from the bottom of pads to the surface in a measured, consistent manner.

A touch-driven response then ensures the cushion disperses a uniform amount of product each time it is compressed.

The POREX Fiber Cushion prevents leakage and product waste and eliminates problems that consumers typically experience when products do not fully dispense, dispense unevenly, or fail to dispense at all.

POREX’s innovative technology offers a new level of flexibility and product performance that enhances consumer interactions with their favourite cosmetic brands.

While foam pads typically resemble an ink pad or sponge, the POREX Fiber Cushion offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance that can be tailored to the look and feel a brand desires.

The cushion’s chemically stable fibre construction is also durable enough for a range of formulas including solvents, oils and water-based products.

In the ‘Packaging & Innovations in 2025’ CosmoTalks panel discussion held on March 17, Rusty Martin, Global Strategic Marketing Director at POREX, provided an overview on the POREX Fiber Cushion science and end user benefits to session attendees, demonstrating the key differences between the novel technology and standard offerings on the market.

Martin also announced an upcoming launch of a new multimedia porous cushion technology from POREX at Cosmoprof Asia 2018.

The debut of the POREX Fiber Cushion follows the March 2017 acquisition of Porous Technologies, through which POREX has expanded its portfolio of products and capabilities.

This unmatched level of expertise leverages a diverse range of materials, technologies and applications to optimise cosmetics designs for precise formula application, product performance and end-user experience.

Beyond its new cushion compact technology, POREX showcased its latex-free, super-soft foams that are ideal for a wide variety of cosmetic and personal care products.

Also on display were innovative applicators and reservoirs engineered for the precise affinity of liquid makeup, as well as Nubiform, a porous, flexible elastomer for applicators used with foundation, concealer, liquid eyeliner, lip stain and eyeshadow products with optional antimicrobial protection.

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