Institut Esthederm’s latest high protection tinted cream

Published: 23-Sep-2020

The cream is said to brighten and even out skin tone

Institut Esthederm’s Photo Reverse Tinted is a high protection tinted cream that brightens the skin and evens out the skin tone, leaving it looking instantly more radiant.

Skin tone becomes more illuminated and irregularities are concealed. The Photo Reverse Tinted has a lightweight and non-sticky texture that makes the formula easy to apply.

Furthermore, its moisturising and skin care properties make the Photo Reverse Tinted ideal for everyday wear as well as being a perfect base to apply before make-up.

The non-comedogenic and water-resistant formula provides full sun spectrum protection; from UVA and UVB rays to infrared radiation and visible light.

Containing antioxidants and iron oxide, the Photo Reverse Tinted protects the skin by filtering out the damaging effects of blue light, ensuring maximum protection.

The formula actively reduces the appearance of dark spots, lentigo and hyperpigmentation, producing a brighter and more unified complexion.

Using the Photo Reverse Tinted will result in an enhanced and revitalised complexion, thanks to Institut Esthederm’s unique, Triple Youth Protection technology.

The biological mechanisms within the Triple Youth Protection technology include anti-blue light protection alongside the Global Cellular Protection and the Photo Reverse patents.

  • The Global Cellular Protection patent blocks direct pigmentation by protecting from damage caused by UVA and UVB rays, infrared radiation, and visible light
  • The Photo Reverse patent contains anti-dark spot technology that inhibits direct and indirect pigmentation
  • The tinted formula contains yellow and orange pigments that protect against blue light, which aggravates hyperpigmentation.

Institut Esthederm’s Photo Reverse Tinted is a must-have product for preventing photo-aging, providing the ultimate antidote to dark spots, lentigo and hyperpigmentation.

This advanced formula has proved efficacious long-term results, with 88%* of participants reporting a brightened skin tone and less visible dark spots.

* Usage test after 28 days, 17 women aged from 20 to 57 years old.

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