Introducing bea Skin Care – Where skin care meets science

Published: 11-Sep-2019

Created by Bianca Estelle - Medical Aesthetician and Skin Specialist of 15 years - comes bea Skin Care, an extensive line of cosmeceutical face and body products incorporating high concentrations of active ingredients for safe and effective results

With formulations specifically targeted to treat and enhance all skin types across men and women, there are six ranges within the bea Skin Care line, each of which has been FDA approved.

5 Step Daily Regime

bea Skin Care’s ‘Hero’ range, the 5 Step Daily Regime contains a carefully constructed combination of powerful alpha-hydroxy acids (also known as AHA’s or fruit acids), peptides and vitamins which are offset by key anti-oxidants, amino acids and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Specifically formulated to target every layer of the skin, these five wondrous products can improve skin tone, texture, hyperpigmentation, pores and signs of ageing.

Used daily, the active ingredients within the range softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating fibroblast activity in the skin’s dermal layer.

The daily regime includes the following:

  • Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser
  • Peptide Eye Serum
  • Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  • Firming Serum
  • Collagen Complex Cream.

bea Skin Care also has a number of other ranges: The Advanced System Range, Luminescence Range, Master Antioxidant Range, Acne Care Range and the Essential Range.

Advanced System Range

Designed to prepare, maintain and enhance the results of professional skin care procedures at the bea Skin Clinic’s, the Advanced System Range generates unparalleled improvements in skin quality and texture.

This range includes the following:

  • AHA Rejuvenating Wands
  • Solar Defence Oral Supplements
  • Solar Defence SPF 30
  • Solar Defence SPF 50
  • 2% Retinol Serum with Vitamin E
  • Advanced Rejuvenating Cleanser
  • Rejuvenating Treatment Eye Masks
  • Advanced Rejuvenating Serum.
Pictured: Bianca Estelle

Pictured: Bianca Estelle

Luminescence Range:

Concentrated with powerful skin brightening agents including peptides, Alpha Arbutin, Vitamin C, Papaya Extract and Kojic Acid, the Luminescence Range is geared towards the treatment of pigmentary disorders including melasma, pigmentation and solar lentigines.

This range inlcudes the following:

  • Brightening Rejuvenating Wands
  • Lumi Glow Patches
  • Brightening Body Lotion
  • Brightening Cream
  • Kojic Acid Radiance Bar
  • Brightening Cleanser
  • Brightening Serum.

Master Antioxidant Range

Loaded with powerful, nutrient-rich anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that help to combat cell-damaging free radicals, the bea Skin Care Master Anti-Oxidant Range is designed to aid the body with cellular repair at the same time as brightening the complexion.

This range includes the following:

  • Glutathione Vitamin Suppositories
  • Master Antioxidant Bar
  • Vita Glow Oral Capsules
  • Master Antioxidant Cleanser
  • Recovery Treatment Eye Mask
  • Master Antioxidant Serum
  • Peptide Skin Booster

Acne Care Range

Designed to gently soothe inflamed, acne-prone skin at the same time as treating the source of spots, this product duo will leave pores purified, cleansed and exfoliated, especially when combined with other products across the line.

This range includes the following:

  • Glyco Serum
  • Acne Treatment Gel
  • Acne Clear Cleanser
  • Acne Hydrator Serum
  • Spot Treatment

Essential Range

The bea Skin Care Essential Range comprises of basic care essentials including natural, organic and vitamin-based products designed to help support day-to-day skincare and makeup regimes.

This range includes the following:

  • Anti-Bacterial Blotting Paper
  • Vitamin Infused Konjac Sponges
  • Argan Oil Beauty Bar
  • Solar Defence SPF30 Spray/Solar Defence SPF50 Spray
  • Exfoliating Gloves
  • 2 In 1 Organic Cleansing Wipes
  • Hydrating Treatment Eye Mask.

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