Japonesque makes QVC debut


The professional beauty brand will sell a number of sets including tools and colour

Make-up and skin care brand Japonesque is to make its debut on QVC tomorrow, selling a number of key sets including tools and colour products.

Japonesque sets on sale through QVC will include its Power Curler Lash Loading Mascara set (£28), which includes a mascara with a unique ‘XXL brush’ designed to amplify product load and hug eyelashes for a dramatic look. The 150 Degree Brush Set (£49.99) will also be available through QVC; each of the brush handles has an ergonomic shape for increased precision and ease of use. The brushes can be used on cheeks, lips and eyes.

Among the colour products available at QVC are Japonesque’s Pro Performance Lipstick in Nude & Coral (£25), Velvet Touch Finishing Powder (£30) and Japonesque Velvet Touch Eye Shadow Duo – shade cool (£30).

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Japonesque has built up an avid following for its professional beauty tools inspired by the make-up used in Kabuki theatre in Japan.