Jeffree Star and Kat Von D release YouTube responses


The fall-out between Star and Von D has escalated with both sides claiming ill-doings

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Jeffree Star and Kat Von D have both released videos claiming that the other has not been honest about the creation of the logo for Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

First Von D aired a YouTube video shortly after she published a post on Instagram stating that she was distancing herself from Star and pulling the shade named after Star called "Jeffree" from her own make-up range.

In the video, Von D gave an in-depth account of why she wanted to completely disassociate herself from Star. She said the way Star created his make-up line had not been truthful and she accused Star of being prone to lying and exaggerating.

Speaking about when the Jeffree Star Cosmetics range was conceived, she said: “I can tell you because I was there, it started in my living room in my house”.

As well as accusing Star of bullying smaller brands and showcasing his wealth and flashy lifestyle for all to see – something she did not agree with or condone – she said that she had made a recent discovery that had led to her decision to cut ties.

Von D claimed that during early talks with Star about his range, she had told him she could not do the artwork for his make-up line, as her artwork was something she kept exclusive for her own, however, she could put him in touch with artist BJ Betts.

Von D said Betts drew up some sketched logos for Star, but that Star went ahead with the logos without paying or crediting Betts, something Von D only learned of last weekend.

Since then, Betts has spoken up on Twitter and stated that all had been resolved between him and Star.

However, yesterday Star responded with his own version of events on YouTube. In his account, Star says that he did work with Betts on initial drawings of his logo, but was unable to afford the cost of using Betts' artwork at that time when his brand was in its infancy.

Star went on to explain that instead he decided to "step away" from Betts and go to someone that had helped him with the design of his clothing line Beauty Forever. He said that his previous logos did use a star with a 'J' inside it.

Star also said that he did not agree that Von D had 'created him', a claim that he found "so offensive". Star said he did not steal names, ideas or formulas from Von D.

Star addressed the accusations that he shows off his designer bags and cars stating that it is no one else's business how anyone spends their money, and that Von D has had a Bentley, a Tesla and a closet full of millions of dollars of clothes that she has Instagrammed and "shown off" online. He said it is "very hypocritical".

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