Jo Loves debuts summer cologne Mandrine

Jo Loves has created a new summer cologne, Mandrine (£110).

The fragrance is a blend of bergamot oil, bitter orange, lemon tree leaf and petitgrain. It also contains thyme and crushed spices.

"Jo Loves creator Jo Malone said: "Five years ago, I created two fragrances, both inspired by my long love affair with classic citrus colognes, but I reimagined my way by adding unexpected twists to create a completely new and vibrant presence. One was Pomelo; bursting with grapefruit, and the other was Mandrine: stylish, refined, with a slightly more masculine finish.

“Confident and carefree, Mandrine is my creative interpretation of those special moments in life when you feel completely happy and relaxed. It represents times when I feel fulfilled and content with where I am in life.”