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John Lewis ceases trading internationally but opens all hours in UK

By Becky Bargh | Published: 1-Dec-2020

The retailer has deemed its online international business too expensive and will no longer process orders from overseas from 9 December

John Lewis has ceased trading out of its international business, but will remain open all hours in the UK to manage crowds of busy Christmas shoppers.

The group is said to have deemed its trading internationally to be too expensive and will not process online orders from overseas customers.

Britain’s exit from the EU is also thought to be a catalyst for the decisions, as extra costs will be incurred by exporting overseas.

“As part of our Partnership Plan for the next two years, in John Lewis we have decided to focus on areas of the business that will deliver products and services for our local UK customers,” the group shared in a statement with Cosmetics Business.

“As such, we are no longer pursuing international expansion and so from 9 December we have decided to cease our online international delivery service."

John Lewis has been on a cost-cutting mission since reporting plummeting profits earlier in the year.

Meanwhile, the consequent shutdown of non-essential retailers to curb the spread of Covid-19 heightened its plight.

The retailer’s first cause of action was to cut its store numbers and, as a result, frontline retail jobs.

The group also sold off one of its head office spaces in London, UK, which normally houses 450 staff.

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