Jojoba Oil: Boosting stability, advancing the beauty business

Study shows Jojoba Oil has high level of oxidative stability and can raise stability levels in Hemp oil and more

Jojoba oil has long been known for its exceptional stability levels—it is one of the many reasons it’s an ideal ingredient for personal care and beauty formulations.

Now, it has been proven that Jojoba oil not only features high levels of oxidative stability, but adding Jojoba oil to other oils can increase their stability levels as well.

Due to its unique chemical structure and antioxidants content, Jojoba oil has incomparable oxidative stability, resulting a long shelf life and resistance towards free radicals.

This exclusive property of Jojoba as a carrier oil can be capitalized upon by brands and result in formulations with oxidatively-sensitive vitamins, essential oils and other natural active materials.

It is well known that Jojoba oil is one of the most stable natural oils on the market and jojoba’s stability could prove critical in bringing formulations with long shelf-life to the market.

Recently the oxidative stability of different vegetable oils has been tested by the commonly used Rancimat method. In this experiment, Jojoba oil showed the highest oxidation stability among tested oils.

Its exceptional stability is attributed to the unique chemical structure – straight chain esters in comparison to other vegetable oil that have a branched triglyceride structure that tends to oxidative degradation.

Not only that Jojoba oil is one of the most stable natural oils on the market, but adding Jojoba oil to other carrier oils can improve their stability to much higher levels (see chart below). In the case of avocado oil, it was improved by 400%.

As Hemp oil and CBD are the hottest trend and the use in them is rising constantly, it was required to examine how Jojoba oil effect the stability of Hemp oil.

The results of the tests aligned with the previous ones as they have indicated that as predicted – adding Jojoba oil in 20:80 ratio significantly improved the stability of Hemp oil and resulted in a lower peroxide value.

“These studies show that Jojoba oil can be used as an excellent medium for unstable compounds,” explains Anna Aharoni, R&D Manager, Jojoba Desert.

“By the addition of Jojoba oil, the stability of a whole formulation could be improved in the case of oil-based formulations, and less preservatives could be needed in the case of aqua-based formulations. Moreover, including Jojoba oil could extend the shelf life of unstable materials and will streamline product formulation – instead of two starting materials, you can just add one.”

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