Kao launches mail-in service for testing babies’ skin

By Julia Wray | Published: 8-Mar-2023

Babywell Check gives parents information about the barrier functions of their infants’ skin

Japanese beauty group Kao is starting a health testing business for babies’ skin.

Using Kao’s Babywell Check service, parents can non-invasively gain information about the barrier function of their infants’ skin to provide appropriate care.

Babywell Check is based on the company’s skin surface lipids RNA (SSL-RNA) monitoring technology.

This process uses RNA extracted from facial sebum (collected with oil-blotting film) to indicate various skin and physical conditions.

The service will launch 9 March with Healthcare Systems, a Nagoya University venture business that develops and distributes mail-in testing kits.

Babywell Check follows the launch of Kao’s Skin Potential Analysis in November 2022, a skin analysis service also based on SSL-RNA monitoring, but for adult skin.

Skin Potential Analysis lets consumers compare their skin condition to others in the same age group.

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