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Kat Von D's Debenhams launch sends beauty sales soaring 43%

Published: 12-Oct-2016

The tattoo artist and model’s line of long-wear colour cosmetics hit stores on 5 October, much to the delight of UK consumers

Kat Von D’s colour cosmetics line has generated £1m in online sales and £120k in-store since launching exclusively in the UK via high street retailer Debenhams.

The tattoo artist and model debuted her long-wear range of 120 products, including lipstick, eyeshadow and concealer, online on 13 September and in Debenhams Oxford Street in central London on 5 October.

Fans of Kat Von D queued from 9.30pm the night before the unveiling of the range in Debenhams' flagship store.

Debenhams confirmed with Cosmetics Business that the biggest selling single sku on day one of launching in-store was the Tattoo Liner (£16), with more than 4,000 pieces sold.

Kat Von D's product range is soon to be 100% vegan

Kat Von D's product range is soon to be 100% vegan

Eight days after the bricks-and-mortar debut, Debenhams has hit sales of £120k, which represents 43% of the retailer’s entire beauty sales last week and 50% of its colour cosmetics sales specifically.

The in-store launch follows a successful online launch. Since going live with the range online, Debenhams has reached the £1m sales mark online.

Kat Von D visited the counter in Oxford Street in person on 8 October.

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