Kate Somerville LumiWhite dark spot corrector

Published: 13-Jan-2015

The LumiWhite Dark Spot Corrector, featuring HCT Group’s Cooling Tip Technology

Pioneering luxury skincare brand, Kate Somerville, takes skin brightening to the next level with the LumiWhite Dark Spot Corrector, featuring HCT Group’s Cooling Tip Technology.

The brand chose from HCT’s stock catalog of airless pumps to house the scientifically advanced product, with the airless ampoule container ideal for its protective, hygienic and tamper-proof benefits.

Product can be accurately dispensed thanks to the finger-free packaging, and the ZAMAC tip applicator provides a wonderfully cooling sensation to the skin upon application.

Colleen Fargo, Sr. Director of Product Development, Kate Somerville comments:
“HCT not only created a beautifully decorated component for our LumiWhite Dark Spot Corrector but an extremely functional one as well!
The cooling metal applicator tip enhances the overall consumer experience and increases the product performance with a targeted application.”

Jamie Unger, Project Manager, HCT Group comments:
“Kate Somerville was looking for elegant packaging to complement their formula. It was important that the component matched the brand’s existing luxury range.
HCT’s airless pump with Cooling Tip Technology was the ideal component for them and the pearl spray finish perfectly enhances the luxury look of the packaging.
It’s a beautiful combination of simple chic elegance, and a great innovative example of what both HCT | Metals and HCT | Airless can do.”

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