Knoll Packaging expands manufacturing capabilities into Europe


Knoll announced a strategic commercial partnership with Albertini Packaging Group (APG) that brings Knoll’s quality production from Asia to Europe

Knoll announced a strategic commercial partnership with Albertini Packaging Group (APG) that brings Knoll’s quality production from Asia to Europe. Knoll developed proprietary machinery that is automated with technical upgrades that have never been achieved before in Europe.

Through the partnership with APG, Knoll will be able to achieve its regionalisation goals, and completely change the quality of packaging available to be manufactured in Europe. The first European-produced coffrets are currently in production and will launch in 2023.

The partnership is an exceptional drive for the growth and renewal of two complementary companies that share the same values, both united by a very long tradition of excellence in the world of luxury packaging. From now on, the two companies will be allies on the market, but above all, they will be able to exchange technical and production know-how daily.

Jeremy Cohen, Founder and CEO of Knoll Printing & Packaging, said, "It is a distinct privilege to enter into a commercial agreement with APG and join forces together to bring the highest level of quality and innovation to European manufacturing. At its core, our family-run companies both share the same passion and drive for excellence in the industry, and together will be able to set a new standard for luxury European manufacturing. I have always respected the work of Emilio and Albertini Packaging. They have inspired the culture of our own company over the last 35 years, and we can’t wait to be a part of this next chapter together."

Emilio Albertini, President of Albertini, said, “Rarely is there an opportunity to join forces with a company that has the same values for driving excellence and innovation in the industry. This partnership fits perfectly into our plans to offer Rigid Packaging with added value and a high level of expertise currently produced in Asia in our Serbian facility, which changes the scope and landscape for European manufacturing in the industry. APG’s clients and Knoll’s clients will benefit greatly from this partnership, and we are very pleased to partner with Knoll, a leading Asian supplier and support this initiative. “

Knoll Packaging expands manufacturing capabilities into Europe

In addition to its new European production, Knoll is using design innovation to eliminate plastics and create a better world. Over the last 5 years, Knoll has implemented Knoll Ecoform molded pulp to remove plastics from its supply chain and introduced 100% molded pulp packaging solutions.

This year, Knoll will also begin offering European production of pulp to its customers. The material is certified recyclable and biodegradable, can also be molded, cut to order and color matched. Through this sustainable innovation, Knoll is on track to eliminate 200 metric tons of plastic from its supply chain by summer 2023.

The future of Knoll Packaging is here, as Knoll is reshaping the definition of sustainability in luxury packaging by eliminating plastics, committing to recyclability and European Production. It’s time to discover the next generation of Knoll Packaging and its new horizons.

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