L’Oréal Group Chairman handed 2022 Appeal of Conscience Award

Published: 21-Sep-2022

Chairman Jean-Paul Agon previously received the Anti-Defamation League’s Courage Against Hate Award in 2021

L’Oréal Group Chairman, Jean-Paul Agon, has received the 2022 Appeal of Conscience Award for his commitment to corporate social responsibility.

The Appeal of Conscience Foundation, an interfaith organisation dedicated to religious freedom and human rights, presented the award to Agon.

The accolade is given to business executives who use their resources and reach to “better serve the global community.

Agon was recognised for his innovative, global leadership committed to respect for human dignity, diversity and inclusiveness.

“In today’s interconnected world, our actions reverberate around the globe and touch hundreds of millions of lives,” said Agon.

“From respecting human and labour rights, to fighting against discrimination at work, from universal social standards to inclusive training and hiring of people at risk.

“We embrace a leadership role, alongside the United Nations and other key stakeholders, to ensure the vast scale of business contributes to a vastness of respect and dignity.”

Agon previously received the Anti-Defamation League’s Courage Against Hate Award in 2021, as well as the Ethical Resource Center’s Pace Leadership in Ethics Award in 2009.

“Jean-Paul strongly believes that doing good is not the antinomy of doing good business,” added Maurice Lévy, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Publicis Group.

“Under his tenure as CEO he has not only strengthened the position of L’Oréal as the global leader in beauty and cosmetics, but has gone much further than any other company of this size in making ethics and human values core to any action of the Group.”

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