La Bouche Rouge raises €10m in fresh investment

By Becky Bargh | Published: 24-Feb-2022

Founder and former L’Oréal boss Nicolas Gerlier said the luxury brand is inventing blue beauty – a holistic vision for sustainability

Luxury French beauty name La Bouche Rouge has raised €10m in funds from its investors.

The eco-conscious brand revealed via WWD that Mirabaud Lifestyle Impact & Innovation, Chalhoub Group and BPI had contributed to the cash injection.

Established by Nicolas Gerlier, a former L’Oréal boss, in 2017, La Bouche Rouge’s mission has been to establish a luxury line that is environmentally sound.

“There are three key words: rethink, refill, recycle,” he said. "Because the goal of La Bouche Rouge is really to reinvent a new approach of beauty with a minimum of waste, but the maximum of pleasure.

“We are inventing blue beauty.”

Gerlier explained this as a “holistic vision” towards sustainability, in that formulas and packaging should not just be eco, but so should merchandising and supply chains.

In 2020, the brand expanded its reusable packaging campaign from lipsticks to a full make-up line.

Developed without plastic, the products’ cases are designed to be kept as a possession or be recyclable.

In the same year, the LVMH-backed brand raised €2.5m in funding.

“During the Covid-19 period, it was evident we [needed] to engage the brand on its next step,” added Gerlier.

Digital events and pop-ups are expected to take place with the fresh funding.

Some cash is also earmarked for entering new markets, such as China and the Middle East.

Fragrance and skin care products are also expected to launch soon.

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