Lash 180: The mascara wand shaped like a triangle

Published: 25-Sep-2017

World Wide Packaging has debuted a mascara applicator featuring an ergonomic brush in the shape of a triangle

Consumers have long been spoiled for choice in the mascara brush department. From voluminous fibre brushes to slender silicone wands, there’s an applicator to suit most beauty needs and wants these days.

But World Wide Packaging might be leaving consumers wide-eyed with its latest launch: Lash 180°.

The patent-pending design features an ergonomic brush with a unique triangle shape, which can be used both horizontally and vertically in order to reach every lash.

James Farley, Executive Vice President of Global Business Development, said: “Lash 180° makes mascara application, which is central to many make-up routines, both fun and effective.

“The unique look and effectiveness of Lash 180° merges fashion with function, making both packaging and the user experience more compelling.”

The product’s formulation comprises vitamins and amino, said to strengthen and fortify lashes.

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