Life Is Colorful presents the future of shade validation in color cosmetics

To all color cosmetics brands out there: Have you ever wondered if you have the right colors in your product palette? Are there too many similar or even missing colors?

LIFE IS COLORFUL now offers a Shade Valdation Service and provides valuable insights using innovative color measurement technology and 3D software to display and analyze product color values.

Shade colors are the DNA of a color cosmetics brand. Therefore, it is crucial to build a clear product portfolio, which is thoughtfully selected and created with a customer focus. Reliable and accurate color values, as generated by the Shade Validation service, are the starting point for a customer’s journey and the overall color management cycle of the product.

It should be easy for the costumer to find the perfect color, to virtually try it on and to make a confident purchase decision online or on the shelf.

Cosmetics brands using the service will be able to create and validate shade colors in a completely new way. Gaps, overlaps and similarities between shades within an existing product palette are discovered easily using the 3D perspective within the software.

Additional shades across the whole range of product categories can also be integrated and compared for the most optimal color combination and future shade developments.

The colorimetric approach of the Shade Validation Service will take out the guesswork for R&D and most importantly, for the customer. It will also reduce time-to-market and enable color cosmetic companies to offer personalized colors ahead of the competition.

Cosmetics companies interested in Shade Validation as a powerful service simply ship their sample products to the color lab of LIFE IS COLORFUL. On arrival, the samples are referenced and integrated into a customized version of the 3D software (

An easy-to-read technical report specifies colorimetric data and outlines useful color related product information.

LIFE IS COLORFUL is a service provider for color cosmetics brands. It references and digitizes product shades and provides innovative hardware, software and smartphone solutions for color management and color communication.

The company was founded by Daniela Louise Heinemann who has 10+ years of experience in color related industries, innovation and customized software solutions.

It is based close to Frankfurt, Germany and operates globally in cooperation with TECHKON, a leading manufacturer of color measuring technology.

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