Lipochroman molecule has shown to help reduce pigment, homogenizing skin tone

Pollution is one of the most serious problems we have in the modern society, negatively affecting not only the health of our body but also that of our skin.

The skin is the first organ that faces the elements and thousands of chemicals and reactive species coming from synthetic chemicals and pollutants as well as those of natural origin like pollen and radiation.

Our lifestyle not only involves exposure to these foreign substances but also the production of reactive species within the body itself. These substances, very stable and difficult to eliminate, can accumulate in the body over time causing allergies, inflammation and accelerating external signs of aging like wrinkles, sagging and pigmentation.

Inspired by natural vitamins, lipochroman molecule confers triple protection from reactive species. This powerful antioxidant with detoxification properties showed to improve wrinkles and to reduce melanin index.

A recent clinical test was performed with Asian volunteers between 18-44 years old that applied to the face a cream containing 0.05% lipochroman molecule on a randomized half side of the face and a placebo cream on the other side.

After 14, 28 and 56 days, the melanin index in the skin of the volunteers was measured by mexametry, which is based on measuring the light reflected by the skin. In only 14 days the melanin index was reduced up to 6.9%.

This percentage increased in 28 days to 9.4% and in 56 days to 13.3%, showing the demelanizing effect of the ingredient and suggesting a fairer complexion.

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