Lipotec reduces pigmentation with Brighlette Marine

Active ingredients company Lipotec has launched Brighlette Marine Ingredient, a brightening active said to even out skin tone “for a fair and radiant complexion”.

In clinical tests, the ingredient was shown to result in a 61.1% melanin reduction in hyperpigmented skin at 2% dosage. Brighlette Marine Ingredient is said to work on the different stages of melanin production and deposition in the skin in order to reduce pigmentation.

The active is designed to regulate gene expression of melanogenic signalling proteins to decrease the formation and maturation of melanosomes, reduces tyrosinase levels and activity, and diminishes melanin uptake by keratinocytes. At the same time, it is claimed to induce the expression of genes involved in DNA repair, necessary due to the loss of UV-protective pigment. The reduction in melanin content is said to reduce the size and contrast of dark spots as well as increase the brightness of the skin.

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