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Making the most of the post-pandemic cosmetics boom

Published: 8-Sep-2021

As vaccinations are rolled out and restrictions being eased in some areas, social diaries are filling up again as consumers emerge cautiously from isolation

After a challenging 18 months, 2021 has ignited a 'Cosmetics Boom' as countries all over the world edge closer to what seems like normality, with a keen focus on improved social interactions. Google searches for keywords such as “invitations” and “bridal stores near me” are on the rise as the bottleneck of postponed and newly planned events are once again back in the diary. Trending searches like “costume wigs” and “bling-bling false eyelashes” show people are also eager to just have fun, feel good, and look their best. On top of these social tailwinds, The desire to make a “fresh start” as people return to the social circuit or workplace often includes new beauty & skincare routines.

For some markets, this post-lockdown surge of demand for cosmetics coincides with increased spending power. In the US, average savings rates have risen from pre-pandemic levels due to government grants and reduced spending during lockdown.

However, the return to some semblance of normalcy doesn’t mean that cosmetics consumption will simply revert back to pre-pandemic patterns. The prolonged crisis has changed our values and priorities – as well as what we want to buy, and how we buy it.

Unsurprisingly, the global pandemic has increased concerns about health and wellbeing. Attention has shifted from “makeup” to “skincare,” driving demand for beauty equipment and products and tools related to skincare. As hygiene remains a priority, products like hand sanitiser and soaps will also remain popular.

Embracing e-commerce

For all these cosmetics trends, perhaps the most important factor shaping the post-pandemic market is the shift to e-commerce.

In the past, cosmetics was often an in-person affair. But many online shopping habits acquired during the lockdown are proving sticky even as offline shops re-open. This is compounded by lingering safety concerns regarding physical stores and in-person social interactions. The trends promise a post-lockdown bonanza for online cosmetics sales. However, retailers must overcome the challenges of global sourcing and “stock up smart” if they are to make the most of this opportunity.

Global sourcing made easy and efficient with Alibaba.com

Even before the pandemic, sourcing the right products from suppliers could be a complex, time-consuming process fraught with uncertainty. Disruption from COVID-19 has only added to the challenge.

Thankfully for those looking to capitalize on the post-lockdown cosmetics boom, Alibaba.com, the global B2B e-commerce platform makes global sourcing easier, more efficient, and more reliable than ever – no matter what size your business is.

Making the most of the post-pandemic cosmetics boom

On Alibaba.com, retailers can choose from a vast number of suppliers from around the world via a user-friendly website and mobile app. Different product types and fulfillment models are available to meet different needs, such as Ready-to-Ship products with low minimum order quantity (MOQ), or Dropshipping Solutions that come with low start-up costs and flexible customization abilities for a huge range of products at wholesale prices, with an additional 10%-off discount if purchased during Super September (Sept 1- 30, 2021).

Making the most of the post-pandemic cosmetics boom

Taking the trouble out of global logistics

Even with the right product and supplier, logistics can present another layer of uncertainty – especially with ongoing disruptions to global supply chains amidst the pandemic.

Alibaba.com helps resolve these uncertainties, with services like Alibaba.com Trade Assurance that provides free order and payment protection, and On-Time Delivery Service* that offers reliable delivery time on over 19 million products, with instant compensation for late arrivals.

* On-Time Delivery service is applicable on select products only and subject to Terms & Conditions.

Making the most of the post-pandemic cosmetics boom

Duties and shipping complexities can be another source of hassle and lead to unexpected costs, especially for smaller or new retailers. Alibaba.com’s Delivery Duty Paid service removes this worry, offering one-stop door-to-door fulfillment with fixed and transparent pricing.

With all of these services and more, Alibaba.com makes sourcing more convenient and accessible than ever before – especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

The last year has been a challenging year for the beauty and cosmetics sector. But it has also brought changes that open exciting new opportunities for retailers that can adapt to the post-pandemic landscape.

As consumers refill their cosmetics cabinets and get back out into the world, the outlook is bright for retailers that stock up with the right products from around the world. And with millions of high-quality items available at an up to 40% discount during Alibaba.com’s Super September promotion, there has never been an easier – or more efficient - time to do so.

Data Source: Alibaba.com & Google Trend

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