Melvita campaigns for British bees

Published: 28-Mar-2013

Brand has partnered with Friends of the Earth’s Bee Cause

French organic beauty brand Melvita has joined forces with environmental organisation Friends of the Earth in support of its Bee Cause campaign. Launched last year, the campaign was created as a national effort to save Britain’s bee population, which has seen a dramatic decline in recent years as a result of chemical use and disappearing green spaces.

Melvita has pledged to help fund 20 ‘Bee Worlds’ which are sites that enable bees to forage and find shelter. The sites will be situated in London and around the UK and maintained by Friends of the Earth volunteers.

To further support the cause, Melvita is also selling limited edition Wild Flower Beauty Bee Totes, with 10% of every sale going towards the Bee Cause. Priced at £35, the totes will be available at Melvita stores and online, with each including a body milk, mini soap, tea towel and notepad.

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