Lenzing’s VEOCEL Beauty launches its ‘finest’ lyocell fibres to date

Published: 25-Aug-2020

New nonwoven materials enable facial sheet masks with a more luxurious skin feel

Lenzing Group has introduced two new fibres under its specialty nonwoven ingredient brand VEOCEL Beauty, which are said to provide premium fineness, softness and translucency when used facial sheet masks.

LENZING Lyocell Fine Skin and LENZING Lyocell Micro Skin fibres are finer than other LENZING branded fibres, while LENZING Lyocell Micro Skin is claimed as the finest lyocell fibre in the nonwoven industry.

This results in a more ‘tender’ touch and luxurious feeling on the skin.

The fibres feature patented translucency technology, which allows the fibres to be translucent in wet state and currently Lenzing is the only fibre producer that holds a patent for translucent facial sheet masks containing cellulosic fibres.

All of the LENZING Lyocell Skin fibres are produced at an integrated production site in Europe following stringent environmental standards.

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