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NNNY to launch in the US

Published: 30-Sep-2015

Japanese skin care comes to states

NNNY has officially launched its products by showing a promotional video during the US film festival LA EigaFest 2015 at the LA Live Regal Cinemas.

The clip features Iranian American model and actress Tala Golzar, wearing fashion designed specially for the shoot by local label Mena'sera. Yuko Nishio, the Japanese Esthetician behind NNNY's nano-natural formula, commented: "Tala embodies the aspirations of many modern women and I am thrilled to learn that she uses our five exclusive products on a regular basis as part of her skin care regimen."

UK-based indie brand Tokyo Taboo provided music for the video in the form of their new track 'Drowning" from their latest EP Leech.

The NNNY Skin Care range originally launched in the Yuko Nishio Nature Sage Aromatherapy Salon in Tokyo, Japan. Its fragrance, colourant and paraben free products have since been used on Hollywood's red carpet events and is now available to consumers across the US.

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