Natural Beauty names 7 Hopes Beauty Company of the Year

Published: 29-Jan-2021

7 Hopes, established in June 2018 in the heart of London’s Covent Garden, offers natural and organic skin care product design and manufacture.

The full-service company manages the process from the idea conception, to design, laboratory testing, personalisation and creation, bringing the client’s vision to reality.

7 Hopes aim to conceptualise hope for all clients, whether they are developing a new product or brand, or providing clients with readymade formulas, which are available in their brochure.

Both new enterprises taking their first steps into the natural beauty market and well-established businesses looking to expand their portfolio can collaborate with 7 Hopes to develop a globally-traded product.

The judges are impressed by 7 Hopes’ drive to understand and fulfil the needs of their clients, whether they are science or marketing based.

The company clearly shares in their clients’ desires for success and consumer satisfaction. However, the judges were most impressed by 7 Hopes’ three ethical pillars, of which sustainability and social responsibility are key as they are green in everything they do, from avoiding synthetic products to optimising natural ingredients.

The beauty company even supports local communities and provides charity the homeless, orphans and the starving in a hope to help them stay integrated with society.

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