New ISO standard for UVA protection

Published: 1-Aug-2012

Aims to facilitate the global trade in sunscreens

A new ISO standard has been established to help the cosmetics industry to measure the UVA performance of sunscreen products. ISO 24443:2012, Determination of sunscreen UVA photoprotection in vitro, gives specifications for an in vitro procedure to characterise the UVA protection of sunscreen products in accordance with a methodology defined in the standard.

ISO 24443 allows the determination of the spectral absorbance characteristics of UVA protection in a reproducible manner to help manufacturers and testing laboratories.

“The trade in cosmetics between different countries is increasing. ISO 24443 will be an important tool in improving the quality and safety of sunscreen products and facilitating their global trade,” said Philippe Masson, chair of the ISO group of experts who developed the standard. “It will also help manufacturers to better respond to local requirements for sunscreen products and give better information to consumers.”

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