New LED light therapy devices increase convenience of anti-ageing and acne treatments

By Becky Bargh | Published: 3-Mar-2020

BioPhotas’ new iSeries collection will be available in the company’s Celluma Pro and Celluma Lite products

US-based tech brand BioPhotas has extended its line of LED light therapy devices with convenience in mind.

The new battery-powered iSeries range will be available in two of the company’s hero models, the Celluma Pro and Celluma Lite, which are designed to improve signs of ageing and reduce acne.

The products also help to relieve muscle and joint pain and heal wounds.

“We are excited to introduce the Celluma iSeries, the first battery-powered LED ‘panel’ device that is FDA-cleared and Medical CE-marked to treating a variety of skin, muscle and joint conditions,” said BioPhotas' President and CEO Patrick Johnson.

“Now the convenience and efficacy of the Celluma series is enhanced so it can be used anywhere and time.

“Advances in battery technology have allowed us to provide multiple Celluma treatment cycles without impeding versatility or portability.”

BioPhotas introduced the iSeries in London, UK, last week at Aesthetics Medicine Live and will reveal the products to the US market at IECSC in New York on 8 March.

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