New digital shopping tool Barzzé Beauty connects brands directly with consumers

By Becky Bargh | Published: 18-Feb-2021

Founded by the creator of Fashwire, the new site is aimed at emerging beauty brands to make deeper connections with their customers

Fashion shopping marketplace Fashwire has introduced a new sister platform dedicated to beauty.

Said to be an affordable alternative to expensive retail partners, Barzzé Beauty is designed to be a one-stop space for beauty shoppers to discover new brands and emerging trends.

Launching with Eyeko, Christophe Robin, Illamasqua and Grow Gorgeous, shoppers can personalise their beauty searches using a ‘Pinterest-style’ layout, while the brand’s tech will curate product offerings making the UX easier for the consumer.

The platform is also offering closer connection for brands with their consumers with its real-time feedback feature.

This allows consumers to give their feedback on a product that will be instantly picked up by the brand, allowing them to make more informed product development decisions at no extra cost for the brand.

Users of Barzzé can also discuss products and beauty tips through its social feed within the app or online via

“Our mission is to reframe the beauty world by providing users a unique opportunity to discover new brands and trends while delivering these brands with vital customer feedback,” said Fashwire founder and CEO Kimberly Carney.

“Barzzé Beauty sits at the intersection of beauty and technology, providing invaluable insights to build the next generation platform for the beauty industry.

“User interaction is a key differentiator for Barzzé Beauty and combining that with our highly curated editorial lens is the most coveted solution for emerging and niche brands.”

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