New partnership between Elementis and Rahn

Published: 8-Jun-2023

Elementis has given Rahn exclusive distribution responsibility for Germany, Switzerland and Austria as of April 2023


Rahn are pleased to announce the new partnership between Elementis and Rahn.

Elementis is a global well- established specialty chemicals company for rheology and natural bio-functional ingredients and owns the world’s largest source of high-quality hectorite natural clay.

Elementis focuses on scientific innovation and development of products that enhance the performance and value of customers products in personal care.

Rahn is looking forward to an excellent and long-lasting cooperation with Elementis and representing their products proudly in the DACH-markets.

Over 60 years experience with cosmetic raw materials

In handling specialties and auxiliary products from different cosmetic raw material suppliers

Constructive and long-term cooperation with selected suppliers coupled with the design of our own-brand RAHN-Cosmetic Actives have resulted in the creation of a contemporary and high quality product portfolio.

Thanks to our outstanding level of reliability and the comprehensive range of services we offer, RAHN-Cosmetics meets all the requirements of a competent business partner in today’s marketplace. We understand customer needs, can offer technical advice and not only deliver products but also provide the related support subsequently

Our focus on customer-orientation means we can generate rapid, successful and practice-orientated solutions through targeted support. Our motivated teams and our application technology laboratory play a central role here. We have made our formulation folder with modern prototypes available online so that it can be viewed at any time by interested customers - why not take a look for yourself?

Characterised by a robust innovative mindset and the will to always be one step ahead of the times, we are routinely able to master the challenge of developing unique and effective product concepts, deliver validation of these in the form of the corresponding scientific evidence and thus offer wide-ranging advice. We consider ourselves to be the experienced and competent partner that our customers and suppliers are seeking.

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