New personalised fragrance brand Hermetica launches

By Becky Bargh | Published: 14-Aug-2018

The UK-based brand asks customers to complete a personality quiz online to determine which scent best suits them

New fragrance brand Hermetica has launched online under the fragrance house Memo international.

To tailor its perfumes to each consumer, the brand asks six questions ranging from ‘What’s your sweet escape?’ to ‘When do you day dream?’

The range includes 13 fragrances, 12 within four collections, Emerald Stairways, Vertical Ambers, The Door and Dry Waters, and one standalone scent, Source.

Co-founder and President of Memo International, John Molloy, said: “Unlike traditional fragrances that use alcohol to carry the fragrance, Hermetica uses a unique patented technology to release the complete heart of fragrance with a certain tempo.

“Much like the difference between smelling a glass of whiskey and a glass of champagne. It is a refined release.”

Said to use an array of elixirs, including floral, green, woody and oriental scents, the perfumes took more than two years to make.

The refillable bottles are made from recycled glass and sand that have been sourced to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint.

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