New range of caps brighter finished more friendly with the environment

Committed to our planet, Virospack has long been working with the goal of continuous improvement to be more and more respectful of our planet. To get this improvement has mean and requested a strong economic investment, as well as a total implication of all our employees.

It's an improvement that applies to all our processes, from the design, development, manufacture, decoration and assembly, to the sales and delivery of our products.

Faithful to this commitment to the environment but always offering customization and the best packaging solution for each one of the brands according to their wishes, we present a new injection cap range with premium finishes.

It is a range of caps with injected plastic shell and a gloss finish without pain. There are caps that don´t need inks, so we reduce CO2 emissions and the environmental impact.

We are talking about a new gloss plastic line caps that offers more luminosity, luxury and bright look, without the need to metallize them and therefore, more sustainable.

The new range PP caps is incorporated into the catalogue of standard references of the company, thus expanding its extensive range. It can be injected in a large variety of colours, as well as in a custom colour brand.

The cap is 20/410 neck, and very soon in 24/410 too, to fit perfectly with all the bottles with these necks available on the market.

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