Obagi announces launch of its first-ever skin care device

Published: 7-Jan-2022

The Skintrinsiq device is designed to remove impurities from the skin and increase product penetration

Science-based skin care company Obagi has announced the launch of Skintrinsiq, its first entry into the skin care devices market.

The Skintrinsiq device is designed to extract impurities from the skin and increase Obagi product penetration by infusing them via customised skin care treatments.

It uses InfuseIQ Technology to gently lift the upper layers of the skin, allowing for impurities to be removed. ​​According to the brand, when the Skintrinsiq vacuum stops, the formulas are “locked in and can continue working after the treatment is over”.

Jaime Castle, Obagi President and CEO, said: “The unique design of the Skintrinsiq device combined with its exclusive availability in the physician-dispensed and spa channels allows physicians and other health care practitioners to provide an efficacious treatment for the skin that capitalises on the science and heritage of Obagi products."

The Skintrinsiq device also offers blue and/or red LED light therapy that can be integrated into treatments.

"The Obagi Skintrinsiq device allows for more rapid and thorough absorption of products into the skin, providing an instant boost to the patient's skin," said dermatologist and skin care expert Dr Ashish C Bhatia.

For optimal results, the skin care brand recommends getting treatments every two weeks.

In November of last year, Obagi was acquired by Waldencast to create a US$1.2bn beauty company alongside Milk Makeup.

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