On-the-spot DNA test launched for skin care

Published: 12-Oct-2012

The system will use genetic results to match skin care products to skin types

The first on-the-spot DNA skin care test for has been launched by geneOnyx, a provider of genetics analytics services for cosmetic and skin care applications. The system, launched at The Organic Pharmacy in London, will be available as an in-store treatment to help customers choose an appropriate anti-ageing product for their skin.

The system harnesses patented rapid DNA detection technology from Imperial College London affiliate company DNA Electronics to perform a scientific analysis of an individual’s unique genetic variations and how well their body will react to active ingredients. The Genalysis technology detects tiny genetic variations in DNA which are then matched to skin care products through geneOnyx’s online skin care products recommendations engine CosMos. The result is individually tailored guidance on which skin care products best match a person’s skin type and deliver optimal results.

The service works using a simple saliva test which delivers purified DNA to a computer microchip which simultaneously amplifies and detects genetic signatures in the DNA using a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) process. The DNA computer chip is plugged into a cloud connected gateway device linked to CosMos. Results are ready in 30 minutes.

“The geneOnyx concept addresses a number of user concerns when selecting a skin care product,” said Dr John Fleming, dermatologist and dermatology specialist registrar at King’s College Hospital London. “It helps identify those topical agents an individual may need (or metabolise better). One will derive more benefit from this approach than merely relying on the non-specific claims of a product.”

Professor Chris Toumazou, chair and ceo of DNA Electronics and professor at Imperial College London, added: “DNA Electronics’ technology is the power behind an entirely new class of semiconductor sequencing and DNA analysis products that are distilling sophisticated laboratory based genetics testing equipment and making it both very affordable and easy to use. Today’s launch has huge significance for the application of true point-of-care DNA testing solutions across medical and non-medical markets alike.”

The Organic Pharmacy Anti-Ageing Service costs £295 for a one-hour consultation including a personalised skin care prescription based on the customer’s profile.

A global launch of the service is planned for early next year.

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