Otto Kern unique fragrance packaging by Aarts Plastics

Published: 20-Apr-2012

Being unique is the message

Premium brand OTTO KERN has established itself as a synonym for stylish and modern designer fashion men and women will want to wear every day. Their Fragrances has been successful in the market since 2006. The brand, certainly exudes a lot of charisma and definitely has what it takes to add just a little bit of extravagance.

With the launch of its new twin series Fragrance UNIQUE, Woman & Man, this extravagance is underlined with the new packaging, developed by Mäurer & Wirtz in collaboration with Aarts Plastics.

The Otto Kern UNIQUE design presents itself stylishly with a healthy dose of extravagance: the reptile optics of the cap, molded by Aarts Plastics, introduce a fashion statement that can only be referred to as absolute, reflecting the looks we are familiar with from the runways in trendy colors such as taupe and white, without ever being loud or imposing. The Otto Kern coat-of-arms is a central design element and symbolizes a charisma so distinctive it cannot be confused with any other.
With a refined technique Aarts Plastics was able to engrave the reptile look and logo in the moulds.

The extraordinary communicative approach brings the haptic feel, realized by the Dutch based molder through a blend of different materials, of the Otto Kern UNIQUE packaging to life by allowing the two protagonists to interact with reptiles. Self-assured and sexy the thus visualized fragrance cuddles them, captivating the eye of the beholder with just one look.

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