PCPC encourages members to give employees time off to vote

By Julia Wray 5-Oct-2020

US beauty and personal care industry body’s pledge aims to ‘help people fulfil their civic duty’

PCPC encourages members to give employees time off to vote

The US’ Personal Care Products Council, which represents cosmetics and personal care companies, has announced an industry pledge to provide employees with meaningful time off to engage in civic duties around the November election.

Member companies signing the ‘Beauty Counts…Time to Vote’ pledge will be coming together for the first time to encourage civic engagement and to ensure a safe environment for employees to exercise their right to vote, says the PCPC.

Signing companies pledge to provide employees with work flexibility or time off for the November 2020 general election to take part in civic engagement activities such as voting, volunteering, working at the polls or any other appropriate activity.

They also promise to encourage employees to register to vote.

“PCPC and the beauty industry have always been ahead of the curve not only creating innovative products but also looking at innovative ways to conduct our businesses. This pledge is just another example,” said PCPC Board Chair Keech Combe Shetty, Executive Chair of Combe Incorporated.

“We don’t wait around to be told we should be good corporate citizens. We do it because it’s the right thing to do.”

PCPC President and CEO Lezlee Westine added: “Beauty and personal care businesses thrive when employees are engaged citizens and actively participate in their communities.

“Our members are among the first to come together as an industry to support employees by providing flexibility and resources to help them be active citizens.”

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While some states have already begun in-person voting, it is anticipated that the majority of voters will turn up to polling stations on 3 November, with the first polls closing on the East Coast at 7.00pm local time that day.