Peep Show


Pure Beauty's guide to perfect peepers

They’re described as the windows to the soul but common issues like puffiness, dark circles and crow’s feet can all hamper the eyes’ true beauty and prevent them from giving the best impression of ourselves. We’re here to help with advice on tackling the most common eye area issues that you can pass on to your customers.

Handle with care

Many consumers believe that skin care designed specifically for the eye area is unnecessary and that normal cleansers, moisturisers and serums will do the job just fine. The eye care market is far from a ploy by manufacturers to pump up profits though, according to Art Pellegrino, Vice President of R&D at Elizabeth Arden: “The skin around the eye is ten times thinner that that of the face, with less collagen and elastin fibres and no subcutaneous fat,” he says. “Also, the eye area, especially with the constant muscle contractions when we blink, is one of the first places signs of ageing appear. So for all of these reasons, the eye area should be treated with products specially designed to address these specific concerns.” Targeted eye treatments also tend to be lighter in texture to avoid overloading and clogging, and free from common irritants like perfume. The way products are applied to this delicate area should also differ from the way skin care treatments are applied to the rest of the face, says Sophie Rock, Senior Brand Manager, Nivea Skincare: “Patting the eye product onto the skin with the fingertips gets circulation going without causing damage to this delicate part of the face. Make sure to pat from the centre of the face to the outside.”


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