Puig signs licence deal with Christian Louboutin beauty

The long-term licence deal with the French luxury shoe brand will include distribution and NPD


Puig has inked a licence agreement with fashion house Christian Louboutin.

The long-term deal is the first of its kind for the luxury brand, which launched its beauty division five years ago.

Puig will now be responsible for the creation, development and distribution of Christian Louboutin beauty products.

Christian Louboutin, said: “When I first met Marc and Manuel Puig, I immediately understood we had a lot in common.

“We are both a family business, we talk the same language and we are both passionate about what we do. Puig will be able to develop my vision of beauty according to the brand values.”

Meanwhile, Marc Puig, CEO of Puig, added: “We are delighted to sign this agreement with Christian Louboutin. We respect his brand and creativity, and we want to build on his original and innovative presence in the beauty territory.”