Pure Beauty Global Awards 2022 host Becca Dudley on her ultimate products, dream collabs and industry idols

Published: 31-May-2022

The model and MTV presenter is hosting the disco-themed industry awards on 31 May

This year's Pure Beauty Global Awards is hosted by a multi-hyphenate, Becca Dudley, model, MTV presenter and DJ to the stars.

Here, the London-based celeb shares her favourite brands, beauty idols and camera ready tips.

First beauty product

I always had dark circles under my eyes and I was so insecure about it. So as soon as my mum allowed me to wear make-up (I begged her!) I went straight to Boots and bought concealer. It’s crazy what that alone did for my confidence as a teenager.

Then over the years it spiralled and I became obsessed with glitter which I used to wear on my eyes every day at school. The teachers were not impressed.

Make-up inspo

I’ve been so lucky to work with some dope make-up artists over my career, even from the modelling days.

So every job would be like a masterclass in glam! I would always pay attention to everything they did and ask tonnes of questions, and then go home and recreate the looks myself.

Beauty evolution

Before modelling and presenting, I put E45 over my face and body and that was it, skin care routine done. I had no idea the importance of a solid skin care routine and what a difference it could make!

Now I have many steps that I can’t live without, both morning and evening, and my skin looks so much healthier even though I’m a decade older.

In terms of make-up, I really had no clue. I used to put a thick layer of bronzer all over my face and heavy black eyeliner - it looked terrible. Now I’m realising less is usually more.

Favourite brand

I love this Japanese brand called Hada Labo - it’s great for sensitive skin and is super moisturising but not too heavy, it’s really changed the game for me.

Ultimate product

Probably still my concealer! I use Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Concealer and I also have this incredible body oil from a brand called LIHA which is one of my favourite smells ever.

A collab consideration

I got very excited at the thought of that, my mind went off in many different directions! I’d love to work with a curly hair brand, I’ve tried and tested sooo many and have realised the importance of sticking to products that are specifically for my hair type.

I get a lot of compliments on my curls (and it took me a long time to bring them back to life after years of straightening them) so I feel like that would be a perfect collab. I’ve definitely done the research.

Industry idol

I love watching NikkieTutorials [Nikkie de Jager] on Instagram. There's something so soothing and fascinating about her.

She always makes me want to buy every single product she uses - that's impressive!

I also love James Welsh, he’s a friend of mine and super successful skin care Youtuber, so I love to pick his brains on brands and products because he is incredible at what he does.

Camera ready tips

Make sure you’re super moisturised and fresh faced before you start glamming up. Cakey dry make-up is not the one.

I let my skin care sink in whilst I get started on my hair, and then my make-up is done last and looks fresh.

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