Quintis Sandalwood launches first-of-its-kind multifunctional cosmetic powder

Published: 17-Oct-2022

Quintis Sandalwood, one of the world’s largest suppliers of Indian sandalwood oil, has today announced the launch of its Indian Sandalwood Extra Fine Powder

An ancient ingredient rediscovered, Indian Sandalwood Extra Fine Powder is an innovation in skincare made from the micronised heartwood of sustainably and ethically grown Indian sandalwood trees.

Ana Prieto, Product Manager at Quintis Sandalwood, said “driven by our determination to introduce an innovative ingredient that aligns with the growing Ayurvedic beauty trend as well as waterless and solid formulations, Quintis’s micronised heartwood powder is a natural multifunctional ingredient.

“With public awareness and the demand for naturally derived ingredients and formulations continuing to grow, Quintis wanted to bring a product to market that could serve as a clean alternative for beauty and personal care brands wanting to explore alternatives to essential oils.”

The versatile and sustainably sourced ingredient is hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin. Traditionally used in Ayurveda to soothe and brighten the skin it provides a powdery, light, and soft skin feel and a beautiful texture to formulations due to the extra-fine particle size.

The current ‘Ayurveda Pharmacopoeia of India’1 lists Indian sandalwood in powder form for a number of topical applications, especially for skin calming, body odour, acne, melasma and improved skin brightening.

Recent preliminary tests on human skin indicate that the powder can visibly improve skin tone and texture, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and decrease the shine and oiliness of formulations on the skin.

Prieto continued, “The powder is ideal for inclusion in a range of formulations like masks, deodorants, lotions, and moisturisers.  It also provides stability to creams and lotions by acting as a Pickering’s emulsifier.”

The innovative powder contains 3% of Indian sandalwood oil, one of the world’s most active ancient ingredients that has proven to be anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-tyrosinase, while also having anti-MMP1 properties.

Two studies commissioned by Quintis – one in vitro study and one in vivo study – have shown conclusively that Indian sandalwood oil is a great natural multi-purpose ingredient for cosmetic care as it is an effective protective and anti-ageing active ingredient, with scientifically proven bio-activities that have multiple benefits on skin.

“Today, modern science not only supports traditional beliefs around the properties and benefits of Indian sandalwood oil, but goes further to reveal new ways for those benefits to be experienced, and Quintis remains committed to continuing to uncover these.”

“Quintis champions the ethical, sustainable, and consistent supply of Indian sandalwood, and we urge formulators to look at how this innovative powder can add value to, or augment, the benefits of their new products,” Prieto concluded.

[1] - Sveta Chandana, Part I, Volume III, Ayurveda Pharmacopoeia of India. Department of Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy. New Delhi India: Ministry of Health; 2011. p. 208-9

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