RMG holograms, the best solution for detecting counterfeit cosmetics

Published: 13-Jan-2023

RMG hologram labels are advanced anti-counterfeit security solutions that verify the authenticity of products such as cosmetics, electronic devices, fashion items and more

The holograms are synced to smart platforms for real-time authentication and management. For cosmetics companies whose brand image considerably impacts their business, RMG solutions can offer strong protection against fakes, and help maintain brand value and consumer trust.

Counterfeit products, particularly cosmetics, can pose a significant threat to a consumer’s health and a company’s bottom line. The global trade in fakes, however, continues to grow. According to the OECD, the estimated volume of international trade in counterfeit and pirated products amounted to as high as USD 464 billion in 2019 – or 2.5% of world trade – and cosmetics and perfumes are among the most dangerous fakes for consumers.

In order to combat counterfeits that could undermine a brand’s reputation, RMG offers a variety of all-in-one solutions. SWEBS is an integrated solution that syncs the hologram label, app and web authentication system to detect any attempted forgery or falsification. The solution also tracks the authentication status in real-time, and can be used to manage distribution, customer service and warranty. SEALTICKER refers to sealing stickers that leave a mark on the sticker label itself or the product when removed, and from which users can identify whether the product has been opened or not. SECUTECH labels are anti-tampering optimised holograms for advanced technologies and materials.

Since its inception in 2016, RMG has been recognised for its technological excellence through awards such as the ROK Enterprise Grand Award, which it has received for seven consecutive years (2016-2022). The company has acquired domestic and U.S. patents and trademark rights in 26 countries and exports its products to markets including the USA, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Panama, Colombia and more.



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