Revolutionise face powder packaging with Rayuen’s sliding makeup compact

Published: 21-Feb-2023

According to recent statistics, consumers in the cosmetic industry concerned packaging design and user experience when making purchasing decisions. Selecting the right beauty packaging container can be a critical success factor in ensuring a positive first impression for customers

Rayuen has developed a creative and innovative packaging design for face powder. The sliding makeup compact container boasts a unique pebble-shaped appearance and a smooth, curved finish that comfortably fits in the hand of the user. With a magnetic closure, this slide makeup compact provides an upscale experience and can be effortlessly opened and closed with a simple push of a finger. Available in a range of colours and personalised decorations, the slide-open compact palette can be tailored to suit private brand preferences.

As a professional packaging company specialising in cosmetic and beauty products, Rayuen provides a diverse range of exquisite, classic, and contemporary empty cosmetic compact containers for wholesale selection and custom design.

Revolutionise face powder packaging with Rayuen’s sliding makeup compact

Whether you require a standard compact case with your preferred design or customised packaging, Rayuen's team will guide you through the entire process from concept to creation. Contact Rayuen for more information on beauty packaging options.

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