Roe v. Wade: Beauty brands speak out in defiance of abortion law overturn

By Becky Bargh 6-May-2022

Beauty founders and brands alike have shown their support for, arguably, America’s most famous law

Once again, the cosmetics industry is speaking out on a fierce public debate.

Much like their unison in support for the Black Lives Matter movement, members of the sector have banded together to show their discontent for the US Supreme Court’s leaked draft decision that would overthrow Roe v. Wade, the bedrock law of America that gives women the legal right to have an abortion.

The bombshell release showed a majority of Supreme Court members, of which there are 12, voting in favour of overturning the 1973 law.

Changes would see women unable to legally carry out abortions across the US.

The court confirmed that the draft ruling was authentic, but not final.

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This, however, has not disquieted the public outcry of consumers across the country – and beauty is making its voice heard among the throng.


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