Roma’s Comet bottle range is perfect for hand sanitiser

Published: 4-Mar-2020

With increasing concern about the spread of viral infections antibacterial hand sanitisers are in rising demand

Many pharmacies and high-street retailers have reported shortages of hand gels and sanitisers and demand is expected to rise further still.

The UK government advised the public to cleanse their hands after using public transport and on a regular basis throughout the day. Hand sanitiser is recommended where soap and water are unavailable.

As suppliers to leading brands throughout the skincare, perfume and cosmetics industries, Roma has the perfect solution for packaging antibacterial hand sanitiser.

Included within their range of plastic oval bottles is the Comet – an oval bottle that features 50ml and 100ml capacities making the range ideal for the job, slipping easily into a pocket, handbag or briefcase.

Made of PETG plastic, the Comet is light and highly impact-resistant, making it durable, safe and portable, and is therefore a good option as a container for hand sanitiser.

The bottle surface can be screen-printed if required but is also ideal for the application of an adhesive label. Roma also offers a selection of suitable caps, if required.

Based in Suffolk, Roma International manufacture glass and plastic bottles for companies including Boots, M&S, Elemis and Espa. As well as providing over 500 standard products, they can design and manufacture entirely unique solutions for individual brands and products.

Don’t leave it too late to prepare for the increased demand in hand sanitation.

Find out more about the Comet range and other plastic bottles at and get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

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